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Rug cleaning for Poole & surrounding areas

We offer an in-situ, fully comprehensive rug cleaning service for Poole and surrounding areas. Using a step by step process to clean your rug and give you fantastic results without the need to take it away.

Our state of the art, high powered Truck Mounted system will bring back your rugs vibrant colours, beauty and freshness. Carpetsure only uses cleaning products which are tested to be safe for your type of rug fibre content. This includes using WoolSafe approved products for maximum care and protection.

Combine our Deep Clean service with our Clean & Protect option and your rug will also resist staining and soiling from everyday wear and tear, meaning they stay cleaner and brighter even longer.

Rug Cleaning Poole - Carpetsure

Why choose Carpetsure?

Why clean your rug?

Rug Cleaning Poole - Carpetsure

Our Process

  • PRE-INSPECTION – Each rug is inspected to find out the type of fibres that it is made from, this helps us choose the correct cleaning solutions for your rug.
  • HIGH FILTRATION VACUUM – Some rugs can hold an incredible amount of dry soil so thorough vacuuming is essential to remove this before we add any moisture.
  • PRE-SPOTTING – We carry out specialist stain removal techniques to try and remove any staining that the rug may have.
  • PRE-SPRAY – Next we apply a specialist cleaning solution designed to lift dirt and pollutants safely from your rug.
  • AGITATION – An industrial rotary machine is used to work in the pre spray and loosen the soil from the fibres.
  • HIGH PRESSURE HOT WATER EXTRACTION – Our truck mounted hot water extraction machine is used to thoroughly deep clean your rug. In this process we can apply an optional deodorising and sanitising agent to kill any bacteria and make the rug smell nice and fresh.
  • PROTECTOR – A high-grade protector is used (optional) putting an invisible shield over the fibres to protect from spills.
  • TURBO DRYING – An air mover is used, if needed, to rapidly dry your beautifully cleaned rug.
  • INSPECTION – A walk through takes place with the client to make sure 100% satisfaction is achieved.


Do you need to look at the job before giving me a price?

There are many types of rugs and fibres so it is very important for us to view the item to be cleaned. We offer a free survey and quotation this way we can access the job in hand, work out approximately how long it will take and give you a realistic opinion on the results we can achieve and give you a fixed written price.

How often should I have my rug professionally cleaned?

There are many factors to be considered when determining the frequency of professional cleaning; How busy your home or business is, general usage, if you have children or pets. Most manufacturers recommend that you have your carpets professionally deep cleaned every 12-18 months.

Why should I have my rug protected?

This is an optional service but by having it protected the item will stay cleaner for longer and reduces the chance of causing permanent damage from the odd accident. We will always be honest with you if your rug would benefit from having a protector applied.

How long before I can use my rug again?

Some types of rugs can take only a couple of hours to dry and some take a lot longer, we use drying equipment to speed up the drying time so you can use the item as quickly as possible. Please note we provide over shoes so you can walk on the carpet immediately.

Can all rugs be cleaned in-situ?

No, some rugs due to the level of soiling or their fibre composition cannot be cleaned in-situ, we will always give you our honest opinion and what is best for your rug.


Our prices are very competitive. We offer free estimates, so you can be sure that you are getting the best possible price.

To schedule a rug clean please contact us today. We would be happy to answer any questions you have and provide you with a quote.

Truck-Mounted Cleaning System - Poole - Carpetsure
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Fibre Protect

Premium stain protection for carpets, rugs & soft furnishings. Forms an invisible shield, making spills and stains easier to remove.

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