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Are your rugs in need of a good clean?

All rugs require regular maintenance and professional cleaning to maximise their life. Rugs are mostly used to protect the carpet below in high foot traffic areas.

This means that they can need cleaning more often than your carpets. We will take care of your rugs ensuring that they are properly cleaned and protected.

So let Carpetsure take care of every aspect of the cleaning. We offer an on-site fully comprehensive rug cleaning service, our qualified technician will be happy to provide you with advice and assistance.

To schedule your appointment or for free advice, please call:
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Rug Cleaning and Care Tips

  • Try to vacuum both sides of your rug at least once a week, this will help remove dry soil and grit. If left it can dull the rug and accelerate wear.
  • If a spill happens, quickly remove as much as possible using a dry white towel or tissue always blot and never rub.
  • Don't use alcohol based wipes as this may effect the colour of your rug and coarse permanent damage.
  • Don't use foam based stain removers they can bleach your rug permanently.

When purchasing a rug, be sure to note the origins of the rug and the fibre types. This information will prove valuable when it comes to the cleaning process.