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Domestic and Commercial curtain cleaning

Curtains can be a costly item in your home, caring for them and protecting your investment requires a professional.  Carpetsure can save you a lot of time and money by coming round to your home or work place and professionally cleaning your curtains in situ. 

There's no struggling trying to get them down off the rail, we clean them right were they are.  At Carpetsure we use a high-powered extraction machine or specialist dry cleaning solutions.

The products we use are specially formulated to give a deep clean yet they are gentle enough for even the most delicate fabrics. In fact our process cleans virtually any type of curtain.  You'll be surprised that by simply having your curtains cleaned what a difference it can make.

For more information on our curtain cleaning services or to arrange a free no obligation quotation contact Carpetsure today.

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Curtain maintenance tips

We recommend professional cleaning of your curtains at least every 2 years in order to extend there life. If this is not done it makes the removal of dirt more difficult and over time can damage the fabric.

Identifying the type of textile your curtains are made of is key.  Inexperienced companies can damage your curtains by using the wrong cleaning systems and methods, this can damage your draperies for good.

Carpetsure have been cleaning curtains for both domestic and commercial customers for many years, achieving fantastic results and super fast drying times.