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Stain Removal

Professional cleaning of a carpet on a regular basis will extend its life expectancy considerably, in addition to keeping it hygienic and looking great.

Over time your carpets suffer from a build up of normal dirt and grime that can be removed with a vacuum cleaner, however if carpets are not cleaned on a regular basis they could also contain dangerous levels of skin cells, pollen, dust mites, grease, dust, bacteria, viruses, insects and other pollutants.

Why choose carpetsure to clean your carpets?

Our cleaning processes and products are safe for you, your children and pets.

We offer a comprehensive free evaluation of your cleaning requirements, with absolutely no-obligation. Carpetsure only uses the highest quality solutions and the very best carpet cleaning equipment on the market. This, along, with our extensive step-by-step process ensures we are doing the most thorough job possible. Providing you with exceptional results, quick drying times and no rapid re-soiling.

With thousands of satisfied customers and more than 12 years combined experience our professional carpet cleaning services are second to none.

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How We Will Get You The Best Results


PRE-INSPECTION - We identify fibres, spots and stains, check fitting and general condition of the carpet

FURNITURE MOVING - special sliders are used to move your furniture safely without damaging your carpet

VACUUMING - We use an industrial Vacuum to remove any loose dry soil and dust deep down within the pile

STAIN REMOVAL - Treating all identified spots and stains with our specialist stain removers

PRE-SPRAY - Heavy duty pre-spray is used to break down any remaining soil within the carpet

AGGITATION - An industrial rotary machine is used to work in the pre spray and loosen the soil from the fibres

EXTRACTION - A hot water extraction machine is used to thoroughly deep clean the carpet. In this process a deodorising and sanitising agent is applied to kill any bacteria and make the carpet smell nice and fresh.

PROTECTION - A high-grade protector is used (optional) putting an invisible shield over the fibres to protect from spills CLICK HERE to find out more

FURNITURE REPLACED - Furniture is put back in its original place, foam blocks and plastic tabs are placed beneath the items to protect them from the drying carpet.

FINAL GROOMING - We set the carpet pile this speeds up the drying process.

TURBO DRYING - an air mover is used, if needed, to rapidly dry the carpet.

FINAL INSPECTION - a walk through takes place with the client to make sure 100% satisfaction is achieved