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Fabric and Fibre Protection

It’s always great to see how bright and clean your carpets and soft furnishings are straight after we have professionally cleaned them. You can now keep them looking their best for longer with our stain protection services.

Stainshield with Actiguard forms an invisible shield around the fibres/fabric that we treat resisting soil and stains and giving you that all-important window of opportunity to clean up the stain without causing permanent damage. Stainshield will not affect the color, feel or texture of even the finest fabrics, while still retaining fire retardant properties. This is by no means a miracle product but it really does work. Spillages are mopped up with absorbent tissues or sponge, whilst dried stains are more easily removed through professional cleaning.

By having stainshield with actiguard applied you can rest assured that your home is safe, from dust mites, fungal mould and bacteria, and their allergens. Dust mites together with fungal mould are directly linked to other 55% of all asthma diseases; other related allergies include eczema, rhinitis, sinusitis, watery eyes and coughs.

Whether you have new carpets and soft furnishings or are about to have your existing items professionally cleaned, having Carpetsure apply Stainshield will add years of life, as well as giving you peace of mind over that spilt drink.

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What you should do when an accident occurs

Act immediately.

  1. Blot up any liquid spillage with absorbent tissues or kitchen roll.
  2. Continue blotting by applying pressure until there is no further transfer of liquid.
  3. Do not scrub or use abrasive material.
  4. Work into the centre of the stain with circular motions using absorbent toweling.
  5. Repeat as necessary.

If this does not rectify the problem call Carpetsure immediately and we will be happy to give you further advice.